As healthcare professionals dedicated to saving and protecting human life, we affirm that all human life has special value derived from being a part of the human family.


A. The value of human life is independent of an individual person’s genotype, developmental stage, age, sex, ethnicity, place of origin, disability, or perceived worth.


B. The value of human life is continuous throughout lifetime, from fertilization to death.

Abortion results in the death of a human life. Elective abortion is an unnatural termination of pregnancy through intentional trauma, be it pharmacologic or surgical. Abortion may also be traumatic to the mother, resulting in lifelong physical and emotional sequelae.


A. Elective abortion is not consistent with ethical health care as it violates the tenet that healthcare professionals “do not harm.”


B. Some medications and devices used as contraceptives can also be lethal to the developing child.


C. In rare circumstances when a pregnancy puts the mother at substantial risk of dying, it is ethical to terminate the pregnancy while making every effort to deliver a live born infant that may be too immature to survive.


D. In pregnancies that result from rape or incest, we support efforts to:

a. encourage the mother to bring her child to term,

b. protect the woman and her child from contact by the rapist or the incest perpetrator.

We oppose the practice of elective abortion and encourage life-honoring alternatives such as:

a. parenting with family and community support,

b. adoption,

c. and foster care.



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