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We are committed to fighting unethical legislation facing our communities, our states and our country. As part of our efforts to promote ethical healthcare, we encourage you to learn more at one of our informational sessions.

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Montana Speaking Tour

Brittany Maynard's decision to end her life with the aid of a physician's prescription has brought physician-assisted suicide to the forefront across the United States. Montana has attempted to legalize it over the last five years, yet 67 percent of physicians oppose it. To help gain awareness in the Montana area, AAME CEO Dr. David Stevens completed a speaking tour in Montana that reviewed the history and roots of the moving for and against physician-assisted suicide, in addition to discussing the effect it will have on healthcare professionals, families, patients and society.

Listen to this talk by Dr. David Stevens from his Montana speaking tour.

Close-up front view of doctor writing in notepad with pen

"Education is key to understanding and without it, truth is compromised. Experience has shown us how quickly legalizing assisted suicide becomes euthanasia where a physician not only writes the prescription for the lethal drugs but administers it. Within four years after Washington State legalized physician-assisted suicide, a Washington lawyer began pushing for euthanasia, for those who are not terminally ill. Which shows how dangerous legalizing physician-assisted suicide really is."

– David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics)

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